Over the past year, the Supply Chain (SCM) has been seen as on and off in terms of stability for the logistics and transportation sector, where SCM has been impacted by the effects of the pandemic considerably in almost all economic sectors and with long delays and detrimental effects on the supply of goods and services.

In this sense, we have seen a boom in terms of electronic commerce and this has occurred thanks to the great growth in the transport and logistics sector, particularly with the increase in groupage transport and last-mile deliveries.

The growth of electronic commerce that will continue over time, not only in 2022, already implies a strong demand for logistics facilities, making the real estate segment grow with the entry of new “players”.

Regarding the trends that we can see in SCM within companies in the transport and logistics sector, we will continue with a deep implementation of technology applied to logistics, with special emphasis on the management and transmission of intelligent data in real time, the implementation of many more sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the future implementation of the 5G network.

Technological improvements applied to logistics, which will optimize all logistics processes, together with risk management to strengthen the supply chain in terms of safety and reliability, are the trends that the logistics and transport sector must set and focus.