What is the unique offer?

At PANAPARK FREE ZONE we offer the largest private Free Trade Zone in Panama for those seeking to expand their business opportunity. We are an integrating partner, we always try to adapt to the needs of each of our clients in terms of investment, implementation, operation and market development. Each client is a totally different world and a complex scenario which we simplify.

  • Industrial Warehouses from 360 SM to 12.800 SM.
  • TurnKey projects ranging from 2.524 SM to 1 Ha.
  • Macro Lots from 1 Ha to 20 Ha.
  • Built to Suit.
  • Located on 24 de diciembre.
  • 6 km from Tocumen International Airport.
  • 39 km from the Pacific ports and 89 km from the Atlantic ports.
  • 30 km from the city is Banking Center.
  • Connected to Line 2 of the metro rail system.
  • Wide circulation routes.
  • Luminaires with solar panels.
  • Underground electricity.
  • Water reserve tank.
  • Alternate deep well water supply.
  • Backup power generator for common areas.
  • 0% Income Tax.
  • 0% transfer tax for material goods and services (ITBMS) (IVA = Value added tax).
  • 0% Import Tax.
  • 0% Customs duties.
  • 0% Property Tax.
  • 0% Transfer tax on material goods and services.
  • 5% on Capital and Dividends.
  • Access Control.
  • 24/7 Private Security.
  • 24/7 Command Center with Video Surveillance.
  • Concrete perimeter wall.
  • Customs and other Government Agencies on site for exclusive use.
  • General Services.
  • Training Rooms.
  • Transportation system for employees.

If you want to reach other markets in the world, here you have a strategic ally and personalized advice.

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