In these complex times, what we seek is to achieve more benefits at a lower cost, which is why on this occasion we provide you with relevant information on one of the great advantages of belonging to a Free Trade Zone.

Law No. 32 establishes that a Free Zone is an area physically delimited and subject to a special fiscal, labor, immigration and customs regime; dedicated to the production, processing, added value and marketing of goods for export and/or domestic supply, as well as the provision of services related to international trade.

Panapark is the largest private Free Trade Zone in Panama and is committed to facilitating the trade of countries, which thanks to tax, customs, immigration, labor and financial advantages, has positioned itself in the world economy through investment, vision towards technological, economic and social development.

Once you begin to carry out operations within Panapark, you become a creditor of income tax exemption, due to operations abroad. A sales tax exemption equivalent to 7% ITBMS is also provided exclusively for material goods.

The exemption from taxes and import duties is given on raw materials, semi-finished products, purchase and import of equipment and construction materials, as well as machinery, spare parts, tools, among others.

By being part of Panapark, you can pay 0% income tax, taxes on the transfer of material goods and services (ITBMS), import taxes, customs duties, property taxes, transfer of import and export goods.

We emphasize that within the Free Zone you can carry out activities of Manufacturing, Assembly, Processing of finished or semi-finished products, Environmental Services, General Services, Logistics Services, Higher Education Centers, Scientific Research Centers and specialized Centers for the presentation of health services.