In an increasingly interconnected world, a company’s location and its access to various forms of international connectivity have become critical factors for success in the global marketplace. Panapark Free Zone, is a Free Zone strategically located in the Republic of Panama, stands out for its exceptional geographical position and its ability to provide first-class air, sea and land connectivity to companies that choose to establish themselves in its premises. In this article, we will explore the importance of this comprehensive connectivity and how it benefits businesses in their quest for growth and competitiveness.


Panapark Free Zone Strategic Location

The Republic of Panama is a country in Central America that unites North and South America, and separates two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific. This unique geographical location gives it a fundamental role as a global logistics and transportation center. Within Panama, Panapark Free Zone is located in a privileged position, near the Panama Canal and just 6 km from Tocumen International Airport, making it a strategic access point for companies seeking to connect with global markets.


World Class Air Connectivity

Tocumen International Airport, located just minutes from Panapark Free Zone, is the largest and busiest airport in Central and South America. This world-class airport infrastructure offers direct connections to more than 90 destinations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. For companies operating in Panapark, this means fast and efficient access to global markets through an extensive network of air routes with destinations such as:


Access to Vital Maritime Routes

+7. 3 million TEU per year and access to 1,700 ports in the world, Mobilizes 6% of global maritime trade, 5 of the 10 ports in the region are in Panama.

Panama brings all the markets of the American continent closer by air in just a few hours and by sea between 1-7 days.

The Panama Canal is one of the most important maritime transport arteries in the world. Panapark Free Zone is located a short distance from the Canal, making it easy to transport goods through this crucial thoroughfare. Additionally, 39.4 km from the Port of Balboa and 92.4 km from the Port of Cristobal, located near Panapark, they offer first-class maritime connectivity, allowing companies to import and export products efficiently and competitively.


Connection through telecommunications

Connectivity through 7 submarine fiber optic cables

  • 100% regional traffic
  • 97% of international voice traffic
  • 90% electronic data transmission
  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth


Road Network and Land Connections

Land connectivity is equally essential for businesses seeking to operate efficiently in the global marketplace. Panapark Free Zone benefits from a modern and well-maintained road network connecting to the region’s main land corridors. This facilitates the transportation of goods to neighboring countries, reaching Mexico, and access to important land transportation routes that cross Central America.


Wide Network of commercial exchange agreements

  • 20 commercial exchange agreements that reach 60 countries
  • 3 Billion Access to a Consumer Market
  • +$29,000 Purchasing power per capita


Competitive Advantages for Companies in Panapark Free Zone

The international air, sea and land connectivity offered by Panapark Free Zone provides significant competitive advantages to companies that establish themselves in its area. Some of the key benefits include:


Reduction of Multimodal Logistics Costs

Efficient access to multiple forms of international transportation allows companies to reduce logistics costs and accelerate product delivery time, improving customer satisfaction and competitiveness in the global market.


Market Expansion

The strategic location of Panapark Free Zone allows companies to access a wide range of international markets more quickly due to its proximity to those markets, which gives them the opportunity to expand their operations and increase their customer base.


Business Resilience

The diversification of transportation options and proximity to alternative routes increase the resilience of companies to possible interruptions in the flow of goods in international trade.

In short, the Multimodal air, sea and land connectivity offered by Panapark Free Zone is an invaluable asset for companies seeking to expand in the global market.

Panama’s strategic geographic location and first-class transportation infrastructure provide companies with a competitive advantage that allows them to reach distant markets, reduce logistics costs and strengthen their business resilience. In an increasingly interconnected and competitive world, Panapark Free Zone stands out as a strategic integrative ally for the growth and success of companies on the global stage.