Panapark Free Zone, the first Free Trade Zone in Panama to Boost your International Trade with Re-export Certificates from the country of origin.

In the dynamic world of international trade, it is essential to be aware of the strategies that can optimize your operations and maximize your profits. One of the fundamental pillars in this area is the Re-export Certificate, a powerful tool that can open new doors to your business and improve your competitive position.In this post, we will explore what a Re-export Certificate is, how it can benefit you and how Panapark Free Zone helps you in this process.

What is a Re-export Certificate? A Re-export Certificate is an official document issued by the customs authorities of a country that allows the departure of imported goods to another country without them being taxed with tariffs in the country of re-export. This is carried out under the regulations established by the country of access and in accordance with the country of origin of the goods.

Free Zones: Strengthening International Trade Free Zones are delimited geographic areas in which special customs and tax benefits are applied.These zones are designed to encourage foreign investment, job creation and the promotion of value-added economic activities. By operating in a Free Zone, companies can take advantage of tax exemptions, simplification of customs procedures and greater flexibility in their operations.

Impact and Benefits: Obtaining and proper use of Re-export Certificates from the country of origin can have a significant impact on your commercial operations.

Talk on Re-export Certificates: Recently, we had the pleasure of holding an enriching talk on the topic of Re-export Certificates. We had the participation of 14 Clients, who showed great interest in learning more about this tool and how they can take advantage of Customs Agency services to generate the necessary Re-export Certificates.

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