Logistics services, mainly for preparation processes, order packaging and inventories, are increasing by companies seeking this external outsourcing to improve productivity and distribution service, streamlining the supply chain.

The support in logistics services that local production requires, Panama maintains growth levels in terms of cargo volumes that are mobilized to and through the national territory. In the case of ports, according to statistics from the Panama Maritime Authority, the Panamanian port system registered 8.6 million TEUS (maritime transport unit of measurement) in 2021, higher than 7.7 million in 2020 and 7.3 million in 2019.

The foregoing indicates that despite the SAR COV-2 pandemic, business continues to grow in and from Panama; administrative and governmental processes to take advantage of the strategic geographical position that Panama has in the global maritime and logistics sector.

Companies looking for an in-house logistics service, more than just needing staff, require monitoring of measurements with indicators of production and quality of service, as well as controls for the protection of people and process certifications.

It is known that greater digitization is required to improve processes and that operators must have specific training, so it is important to enhance cognitive skills such as memory, hand-eye coordination, spatial memory, among others, to improve productivity from the workers.

Each improvement that is made individually has an impact on the company in which it is developed, which in turn generates growth for the country.
In the field of logistics, picking and packing are related procedures, and are among the most demanded services in the sector. Picking refers to the preparation of orders, from the collection of the material and extraction of units or packaged sets, which can be units or by boxes. While the packing is related to the packaging, and consists of the preparation of the products that have been collected in the picking phase to be sent: packaging, packaging or container.