Logistics operators are companies dedicated to providing their own services to the supply chain of the contracting company. When you hire a logistics company to take over part of your operation, you will be able to focus your efforts on your specific area of business.

Among the different types of logistics operators we find the 1PL, 2PL, 3PL, 4PL and 5PL. Its name comes from English: First, Second, etc + Party Logistics, which respond to a logic of the division of activities. The numbers indicate the level of participation granted to suppliers in the logistics and distribution of your process. Here we will tell you more about each of these.

Implementing a supply chain continuous improvement program may seem like a daunting project, but the benefits far outweigh the effort. A few small changes can produce remarkable results.

Continuous improvement involves six different phases that seek to obtain small improvements in processes and products, with the aim of increasing quality and reducing incidents.

Evaluate the current situation, that is, recognize how the supply chain is in order to facilitate the detection of weak points in the processes and to be able to implement improvement strategies.

Identify the main problem. It should point out where the supply chain processes are and the ideal place where they should be. For example, a problem that may arise is that there is a lack of coordination in the summons system to collect loads in a logistics center when no organizational manager and verifier is in place, which leads to the driver not being able to receive the merchandise and getting lost. time and money. In this case, the identification of the problem is clear since you know what the problem is and you know the procedures that must be changed to reform the situation.

The most important part of the continuous improvement process, from a leadership standpoint, is empowering individuals to make decisions and improve inefficiencies for themselves. Creating a culture of continuous improvement within the organization requires commitment, but it is doable, and the results are worth it.