The supply chain includes all planning and management of purchasing, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and marketing, among others. In short, it unifies and controls the main processes and operations of a business. In order to optimize its operation, logistics management will play a key role, since it is responsible for the storage and transport of the merchandise, connecting the points of origin and customers of the products.

Continuous supply chain improvement can involve large-scale operations, but it is almost always small, incremental adjustments in individual departments.

Logistics management tools offer us better visibility and efficiency of the supply chain. By including a tool of this type (usually ERP or similar management systems) we will control all the processes, inventories, supplies and shipments of our chain.

Use good inventory management practices in order to ensure the availability of our products and meet demand. Some of these good practices go through the identification, coding and classification of the inventory and the synchronization of the stocks.

It is important to improve the coordination between suppliers and customers with good purchasing management planning. In this sense, it is important to incorporate metrics and objectives to identify good purchasing management in relation to the results and customer demand.

Good logistics management means better efficiency in the processes of our supply chain and the determinant for the company to be more competitive. Precisely from PanaPark we offer transport and logistics customs warehouse services that help to optimize these processes.