Free zones in the export sector play a primary role, since they enjoy important tax and labor benefits in Panama.

Within a free zone, operators, goods industries, service industries and regular commercial use can carry out activities.

An operator is the legal entity authorized to direct, manage, supervise, promote and develop one or more Free Zones, as well as to qualify its users.

The Goods industry refers to the legal entity established exclusively in one or more Free Trade Zones, authorized to produce, transform or assemble goods through the processing of raw materials or semi-finished products.

In this sense, the service industry is the legal entity authorized to exclusively develop, in one or several Free Zones, among others, the following activities: logistics, transportation, handling, distribution, packaging, packaging, among several others.

Trade refers to the legal entity authorized to carry out marketing, commercialization, storage or conservation activities of goods in one or more Free Zones.

The main objectives of the free zones are to boost exports, generate employment in these regions and even encourage investment from other countries. As they are areas that have important tax advantages, they are an incentive for a logistics company to operate and, in this way, obtain a series of benefits.

Free zones have been very important for commercial and economic growth since ancient times.